Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL

Summer Camps

Summer camps at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center are a great way to keep budding young minds engaged all summer long. Our camps are extensive in subject matter and cater to ages 4-14 years of age. Camps kick off on May 29, 2017. Please see camp guides for pricing and details. Prices are generally from $140-370 depending on camp and other factors.

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Don’t forget! We have also partnered with the Mobile Medical Museum to present the Junior MedCamp, exploring 300 years of health care heroism in a single day!


Pre-K Camps (4-5):

May 29-June 2

Journey to Space: Go on a space adventure to learn all about our solar system. Why does the moon have all of those dents? What makes Mars red? How did Saturn get all of those rings? What is beyond Pluto? Projects will explore our universe and bring the nighttime sky into the palm of your hand.

June 5-June 9

Animal Safari: Learn about the diverse animals that share the Earth with us in this wild kingdom themed camp. Projects will explore the features that make reptiles, mammals, marsupials, fish, and birds unique. This camp will also teach children about how to take care of animals and ensure their future on our planet. During the week campers will make a delightful zoo to take home.

June 12-June 16

Colorful Chemistry: Learn about chemical reactions in this chemistry themed experience. Chemistry is twice as much fun if it’s colorful. Milk can become a dazzling kaleidoscope of rainbow hues. Red cabbage can change colors like a chameleon. Projects will include fizzy water, lava lamps, and spin art creations.

June 19-June 23

Little Detectives: Learn about forensics and discovering clues in this mystery themed experience. Campers will learn about everything from fingerprinting to fiber analysis. Projects will culminate in an Exploreum-wide case that only our little detectives can solve.

July 10-July 14

Engineering Endeavors: Hands on activities will give campers the opportunity to build exciting creations in this engineering themed camp. Projects will explore the world of building and construction in simple and engaging ways. This camp will also teach children about imagination and innovation.

July 17- July 21

Music Makers: Explore the amazing world of music and sound in this exciting music themed experience. Campers will learn about how different musical instruments create sound through hands on lessons with real instruments as well as create their own to take home. This camp will also explore how science and math help to create a beautiful melody.

July 24-July 28

Jurassic Fantastic: Explore the time when giant reptiles roamed the Earth in this dinosaur themed experience. Projects will teach about paleontology, excavation, and dinosaur identification. Campers will create dinosaurs to take home for their own little Jurassic World.

July 31-August 4

Artistic Adventure: Learn about how creativity plays a big part in scientific discovery in this art themed experience. Projects will use science to create beautiful art works that will brighten any room.  This camp will explore everything from primary and secondary colors to papier mache and cyanotypes.

Camps (6-8):

May 29th-June 2nd

Planet Patrol: Travel into space and count the planets one by one! Let’s be space cadets and learn about the wonders outside planet Earth. Discover the science behind star formation and constellations. What is it like to live in space? What will we eat? Explore each and every plant to find out how it is different. Uncover flying objects like asteroids and meteorites. Activities include creating planet hats, nebula jars, galaxy slime, and exploding moon rock experiments.

June 5th-June 9th

Safari Adventures: Lions, Zebras, and Giraffes; Oh My! Become a Safari guide and tour your way through the savanna grassland in Africa. It’s a biology/ecology duo. Learn about the savanna grassland biome. Explore the animal habitats and the food chains. Discover the extreme weather conditions and uncover the rare vegetation.

Activities include, creating safari hats, safari animal mask, shoe box habitats, and Safari yoga!


Magical, Chemical Chaos: Magic is in the air! Let’s be chemical magicians and experiment. Learn about the matter that makes up everything with atoms and molecules. Differentiate between mixtures and compounds with playdough. Explore acids and bases with red cabbage. Uncover the mysteries of polymers, density, and osmosis. Discover rainbow flames and colorful optical illusions. Activities include creating edible atoms, flubber, colorful flowers, and magnetic slime.

June 19th-June 23rd

Mystery Madness: Bring out your inner detective and solve a mystery! Become a super Sleuth and explore forensics! Learn about fingerprinting and collecting clues. Explore chromatography and take a look at DNA. Discover your senses with a tasteful scavenger hunt and a game of memory. Uncover secret codes and even make them. Activities include creating fake blood, invisible ink, detective kits and detective badges.

July 10th-July 14th

Boats in Motion: What makes a boat float and move? Become a captain and steer, sail or row your boat. Explore the science, engineering math and science of how boats glide in water. Uncover the history of boats with da Vinci and the Egyptians! Learn about buoyancy, water displacement, and boat hulls. Discover all the different types of boats and how they are engineered. Activities include creating edible boats, chemistry powered boats, recycled boats, and balloon boats.

July 17th- July 21st

Geo Buddies: Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals! Let’s go on an adventure and see the earth the way Geologist aka Rock Doctors do. Learn about the different earth layers. Uncover plate tectonics through volcanoes, erosion, and natural hazards. Discover the different types of rocks and minerals and how they are formed. Activities include creating geodes, edible rocks, dinosaur fossils and weathering and erosion experiments.

July 24th-July 28th

Good Vibrations: Sound is all around! Let’s be musicians and discover the science of music. Explore sound and how it travels through solids, liquids and gases. What makes the loudest sound in the world? How much volume is too much? Learn about how volume is measured and how pitch and frequency work together. Discover fractions with musical notes! Activities include creating musical instruments, sound waves, and sound and water experiments.

July 31st-August 4th

Under the Sea: Dive under the surface into a whole new world! Become a scuba diver and swim down deep. Learn about sea creatures and what makes them unique. Explore ocean depths, tides, waves and currents. Uncover our oceans and water biomes. How does life thrive in the water differently than on land? Activities will include creating crafty scuba gear, exotic sea creatures, ocean zone jars and osmosis experiments!

Camps (9-11):

May 29th-June 2nd

Masters of the Milky Way: Come explore the stars with our Masters of the Milky Way camp! Travel the planets one by one and learn each of their features through fun and exciting projects and experiments. Campers will also spend some time getting to know some of the most beautiful galaxies in space!

June 5th-June 9th

Art of Monster Science: Learn about the spooky creatures of the night in our Monster Camp! Each day, campers will learn about the real stories and science behind different monsters – from vampires, aliens, and mummies, all the way to the Yeti of the Himalayas! So come learn about monstrous adaptation, spooky habitat, and the bumps in the night in this creepy, cool camp!


Mad Scientist Chemistry: Join the Exploreum for our thrilling Chemistry Camp and experience freezing temperatures and fantastic explosions! Campers will work to uncover the mysteries of chemistry using an array of different experiments throughout the week. Activities include creating slime, color changing acids and bases, and the freezing power of liquid nitrogen!

June 19th-June 23rd

Junior Flight Academy: Come fly away with the Exploreum’s Junior Flight Academy! Learn about the principles of flight and experience firsthand what it takes to build a successful aircraft. During our Junior Flight Academy campers will create, build, and test their very own parachutes, gliders, and rockets! This camp also serves as an introduction to our Airbus Flight Academy.

July 10th-July 14th

Build it Better: Turn yourself into a building master at our Engineering Camp!  Learn about the concepts of engineering starting from simple machines and advancing all the way up to some of the greatest engineering feats of all time! Join us as we design, build, and construct boats, bridges, and towers!

July 17th- July 21st

Dinosaur Dig: Dig up some history with the Gulf Coast Exploreum’s Paleontology camp! Go back in time to explore the Earth and the dinosaurs that ruled the land, sea, and air. Student will learn about famous dinosaurs, what habitat they lived in, visit with our modern day dinosaurs and even create fossils of their very own!

July 24th-July 28th

Wizardry: Potions, Magical Creatures and Intro to Wizardry await campers at the Exploreum’s Wizardry camp! Explore and investigate the magic of our world and learn the chemistry, botany, and biology all around us!

July 31st-August 4th

Undersea Discovery: What lives in the deep blue sea? Explore the strange behavior of our oceans and discover interesting facts about the animals that live there. Campers will study underwater volcanos, ocean density levels, and see marine mammal anatomy!

Camps (12-14):

May 29th-June 2nd

CSI Mobile: Was it Bruce with the wrench in Scratch Factory, or was it Johnnie with the flashlight in IMAX? There was a crime, and we need YOUR help to solve it. Join us, as we discover clues, determine the suspects, and solve the case. Taking fingerprints, analyzing hair samples, and even researching ballistics – are just a few of some of the exciting challenges that campers will get to take part in, while uncovering the mystery of CSI Mobile!

June 5th-June 9th

3D CAD-ETS: Our 3D Cadets will have the opportunity to utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs and 3-D Printers, to print their very own 3-Dimensional creations. This camp challenges students to design and create solutions to complex problems in new and creative ways.

June 12th-June 16th

Code Cookers: This new and exciting camp focuses on the innovation of computer science and programming through hands-on interactive activities. Campers will learn the basics of several different types of coding including: HTML, CSS, Python, Scratch, Mobile apps, web site development and design, animation, and even video games – taking this new knowledge from concept to reality!

June 19th-June 23rd

Airbus Flight Academy: The Gulf Coast Exploreum teams up with our Airbus partners to build an aeronautical experience for campers from the ground up! Campers will gain knowledge into the amazing world of flight during this week. They will also tour and meet with industry experts at the Mobile Airbus Facility seeing first-hand how STEM education creates exciting, real world professions.

July 10th-July 14th

Innovations: This exciting new camp at the Exploreum is built around the process of developing new ideas. Campers will be challenged to develop solutions to problems using new approaches with limited resources. With guidance, campers will master the problem solving process using a healthy balance of critical thinking and creativity, all while working with other their peers as a team.

July 17th- July 21st

Picture This!: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the mind of a photographer, the process of taking the picture is as well. Picture This gets behind the lens, allowing campers to capture their own masterpieces. They will learn the basics of digital photography, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop in order to perfectly edit their pictures.

July 24th-July 28th

Take 2: In this camp, students will become producers and directors of their very own film crew. Campers will learn the process of making their own videos, recording, and then editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Adobe After Effects.

July 31st-August 4th

Band Camp: Focused primarily on music theory, as well as music engineering, campers will use different musical programs to make their very own songs. They will also use programs such as Audacity to record their own songs, and learn the process of audio editing.