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Homeschool programs are back! The Gulf Coast Exploreum has exciting homeschool classes available for families looking to supplement their science curriculum. Explore physics, biology, engineering and more! Our classes are tailored for a variety of ages and provide educational programming, hands-on experiments, and time to socialize with other young scientists. Best of all, there are no explosions in your home! Join us for hands-on, age-appropriate science lessons to foster curiosity and discovery in support of what your kids are learning at home. (Parent or guardian admission is included in student admission price).


Now booking Spring 2018 Homeschool. Space is limited so sign up as soon as possible. First come, first served.


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Download: Class Descriptions (Word)


All classes are approximately 60 minutes in length and will begin at 2pm. Please call our Education Department at 251.208.6818 for more information.


February 2nd – Paleontology I

PreK4-1st Grade Dinosaurs ruled the earth! These fascinating creatures left behind many clues that help us understand what they were like and how they lived. Students will learn about the different species of dinosaurs and create one of their very own to take home!

2nd-4th Grade Dinosaurs! Students will learn about how dinosaurs roamed the earth well before the time of humans. Dinosaurs ruled the globe for millions of years! Students will explore different types of dinosaurs and where they lived. They will also create dinosaur habitats!

5th– 7th Grade Chase down some herbivores at our first Paleontology class! In this lesson, we will be going over different kinds of dinosaurs – from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Diplodocus!

8th-12th Grade Recent scientific studies show that most dinosaurs were close family members to modern day birds. In this exciting class, we will take a closer look at the similar characteristics between birds and our fossilized friends.


February 16th – Paleontology II

PreK4-1st Grade- No bones about it! Dinosaurs left no bones behind that survived until modern times, luckily for us science can turn bones into stones. Students will learn all about fossils, why they were important, and even make one of their very own to take home.

2nd-4th Grade- Fossil Detectives! Students will learn about how fossils are preserved remains of plants and animals. Paleontologist are sort of like fossil detectives! Students will also uncover clues about life on Earth long ago by understanding the different types of fossils. They will also make their very own dinosaur fossils!

5th– 7th Grade- Come dig up some fun on fossils! Learn about the different types of fossils that allow us to learn about the creatures of our past! Students will have the opportunity to examine different types of fossils in this class.

8th-12th Grade Paleontologists can gather a lot of information from the size of a dinosaur’s skull and from the teeth in it. Student will learn about dental adaptations of plant-eating dinosaurs. Sharp may not always mean carnivore!


March 2nd – Botany I

PreK4-1st Grade Sprouting Time! Seeds got through the germination process to become the plants we see all around us. Students will learn all about this remarkable journey and plant their very own seed to take home and watch grow!

2nd-4th Grade- Photosynthesis! Students will learn about the process plants use to convert carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into food. Wouldn’t it be cool if your body could make food? Students will discover how photosynthesis works step by step. They will also plant their very own seeds!

5th– 7th Grade- Learn about the differences between monocots and dicots! During this class students will examine different plants and sort through them to see which plants belong in what category through a fun sorting game!

8th-12th Grade In this class, students will be learning about cellular respiration and how plant cells use energy. Students will also develop a better understanding of the plant cell, and what makes it different from an animal cell.


March 16th – Anatomy I

PreK4-1st Grade My Skeleton! Skeletons help keep our bodies upright and allow us move around. Students will learn all about the skeletal system and how to keep our bones nice and healthy. They will also create a fun bone collage.

2nd-4th Grade- Exploring the Organs! Student will learn about different shape and size organs that work together to keep you alive. All organs have different jobs with the same goal! Students will explore where major organs are found in the body and what they do. They will also make a lung in a bottle!

5th– 7th Grade- Have you ever wondered what our blood is actually made of? Come investigate and learn about the different kinds of blood cells and how these busy little cells keep us going! From platelets to white blood cells, students will master them all!

8th-12th Grade- In this class, students will be getting humorous! That’s right, we’re studying the bones. We will also learn about the origin and insertion of many different types of bones, as well as, how they are used for so much more that providing a basic frame for the muscles.


March 30th – Anatomy II

PreK4-1st Grade- Getting a Sense of Things!  Our 5 senses help us navigate the world around us safely. Students will learn about why touch, smell, taste, hearing, and seeing are so important and how they work.

2nd-4th Grade- Skeletal System! Students will learn about how the skeletal system helps you move around and gives your body basic shape. Do you know why earthworms can’t stand up? Students will uncover the purpose, tissues that make it up, and the amount of bones in our skeleton. They will also make a dancing skeleton!

5th– 7th Grade Don’t let the nervous system make you antsy! Come learn about how the brain drives our body to function! Examine the structure of a neuron and see how complex our body is! In this class, students will create their own take-home neuron!

8th-12th Grade- Picking up where we left off from the previous class, students will expand on their knowledge of bones to better understand how the muscles function. We will build simple machines to model action potentials of muscles, and how we use them to lift heavy objects.


April 13th – Chemistry I

PreK4-1st Grade- Solid, Liquid, or Gas! Students will learn who the states of matter can partner with chemical reactions to create spectacular results. Through a variety of hands –on and demo based projects, the world of simple chemistry will come to life.

2nd-4th Grade- Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions! Students will learn about different chemical reactions. Sometimes in chemical reactions substances can give off or take in energy! Students will discover the difference between the two and their properties. They will also perform experiments of both reactions!

5th– 7th Grade- Master the sticky world of polymers and monomers! These crazy little building blocks make up many different items in the world around us! Students will learn about the molecular level and see how our little monomers react when combined!

8th-12th Grade- Let’s roll some logs, in this basic introduction to Stoichiometry.  Students will develop a better understanding of quantitative relationships between reactants and products in a chemical reaction.


April 27th – Chemistry II

PreK4-1st Grade- Lets React! Students will experience how liquids can transform into polymers creating a slimy situation, and also learn all about molecules and why they are so important. This class will also examine acids and bases, and how red cabbage can help us correctly identify the ph level of a substance.

2nd-4th Grade- Polymers! Students will learn the basics of atoms, elements and molecules. Polymers are made up of many molecules all strung together to make a really long chain! Students will explore what polymer properties and what makes them so fun. They will also make slime and watch a Styrofoam cup disappear!

5th– 7th Grade- The age old struggle of Endothermic and Exothermic! Come and see some intense chemical reaction with a series of experiments that teach students about the chemistry of thermal energy!

8th-12th Grade- Chemistry is the original balancing act, minus the carnival of course. In this class we will learn how to balance chemical equations, in a new and creative way. So, bust out the tight rope and let’s get balanced!