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Homeschool programs are back! The Gulf Coast Exploreum has exciting homeschool classes available for families looking to supplement their science curriculum. Explore physics, biology, engineering and more! Our classes are tailored for a variety of ages and provide educational programming, hands-on experiments, and time to socialize with other young scientists. Best of all, there are no explosions in your home! Join us for hands-on, age-appropriate science lessons to foster curiosity and discovery in support of what your kids are learning at home. (Parent or guardian admission is included in student admission price).


Now booking Fall 2018 Homeschool. Space is limited so sign up as soon as possible. First come, first served.


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All classes are approximately 60 minutes in length and will begin at 2pm. Please call our Education Department at 251.208.6818 for more information.


August 24th – Zoology I


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on animals that live in the coastal Alabama Region. Students will learn about the reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and marsupials that make this area one of the most biodiverse in our county. Projects will include a puppet show, meeting a live alligator, and other lessons.


2nd-4th Grade- Migration and Hibernation! Students will learn about how animals in the winter tend to sleep for long periods of time to survive. They even stop eating! Students will discover why animals migrate too! They will also conduct an experiment and play a game of adaptations with bears, birds, and frogs!


5th- 7th Grade- With so many animals out there, how do we keep them all straight? In this class, students will be discussing how animals fall into different categories and begin to discuss how scientists and researchers use Linnaean taxonomy to help sort things out!


8th-12th Grade- In this activity we will take a first look at the levels of classification in Zoology. Students will confront all levels including: Domain, Kingdom, Phyla, Class, order, Family, Genus, and Species. Students will pick an animal of their choice, then determine how each animal fits into each level of classification.



September 7th– Zoology II


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on ecosystems and biomes around the world. Students will learn about the environments that animals live in and how to predict what sort of animals will live in those areas. Projects will include creating a coastal environment that reflects the Gulf Coast Region, and making their own biome to take home.


2nd-4th Grade- Freshwater Habitats! Students will learn about what lives in rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes. Only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater! Students will uncover the creatures beneath the surface and how they live. They will create freshwater habitats with snails, worms, frogs, alligators, and even beavers!


5th- 7th Grade- Did you know that bats have fingers too? Animals can look extremely different in nature, and yet retain much of the same anatomy! In this class, students will be comparing and contrasting different animals to see what traits carry over from species to species using comparative biology!


8th-12th Grade- Using what we learned in the previous lab, we know that characteristics of animals help us determine how to classify them. In this lab, we will confront terminology such as, Phenotype and Genotype to better understand how animals are classified. We will then discuss mutations, and how the animal’s genetic make-up can alter the physical traits of the animal.



September 21st – Nutrition I


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on food groups and general health and nutrition. Students will explore how to make good food decisions that will set them up for a healthy life. Projects will include a My Plate, tooth health, and why proper nutrition matters.


2nd-4th Grade- Vending Machine Nutrition! Students will learn about the five major food groups and what fuel our body needs! Something must keep us going when we are on the go! Students will explore vending machine options and nutrition fact labels. They will also play a game of red, yellow, or green light go foods!


5th- 7th Grade- Did you know food can affect your mood? Come and check out how the natural chemicals, vitamins, and minerals can affect your brain and change how you’re feeling! Students will also discuss how deficiencies in certain macronutrients and micronutrients can affect your overall health!


8th-12th Grade- Students will learn about the different types of fatty acids, and how your body actually needs them to function. We will discuss the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. Once we have a firm understanding on how fatty acids fit into our diets, we will try to identify different types of foods that have the best types of fat to help us stay healthy.


October 5th – Physical Science I


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on static electricity and magnetism. Students will use hands on activities to learn about how these forces attract and repel. Projects will include north and south poles, using different sources to create static electricity, and flying paper.


2nd-4th Grade- What is Energy? Students will discuss specific energy types and useful energy sources. We use energy in all its forms almost every day! Students will discover the difference between potential and kinetic energy. They will create a class water wheel!


5th- 7th Grade- Come learn about the crazy science behind sound waves! Students will study how sound moves through various mediums and will even look at the usage of sound in the form of SONAR and how sound is used in the natural world!


8th-12th Grade- In this Physical Science Lab, students will learn about the 4 Macromolecules: Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids. We will discuss how a molecule’s form determines its’ function. Once we have a firm understanding of the form and function of each macromolecule, we will make our very own Macromolecule Models!



October 19th – Physical Science II


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on the science of wind and how it interacts with objects. Students will be introduced to Bernoulli’s Principle and explore how air can move objects in different ways. Projects will include levitating world, and hands on wind experiments.


2nd-4th Grade- Nature of Surfaces! Students will determine which surfaces reflect, refract and absorb light. Light rays are constantly traveling around us! Students will explore why objects reflect different colors than they absorb or refract. They will experiment with prisms too!


5th- 7th Grade- It’s electric! Come explore the world of electrical engineering using our LittleBits kits! Students will explore how energy moves and passes through linear circuits by using our awesome LittleBits kits in this engaging and fun class!


8th-12th Grade- DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is in every living organism, but does it look the same? How do we even know what DNA looks like? In this class we will talk about the history, genetic make-up, and the mystery behind life’s most abundant molecule.



November 2nd – Engineering I


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on the science of wind and how it interacts with objects. Students will be introduced to Bernoulli’s Principle and explore how air can move objects in different ways. Projects will include levitating world, and hands on wind experiments.


2nd-4th Grade- Powerful Pulleys! Students will learn about how a pulley can be used to change the direction of forces and move or lift extremely heavy objects. Engineers use pulleys every day! Students will experiment with different pulleys to understand how they work! They will also create their very own pulley system.


5th- 7th Grade- Come and make sure that no one can topple your tower! In this class, students will work to build a tower that is made to last against the elements using some rather surprising materials! After creating a towering masterpiece, test it against some extreme conditions!


8th-12th Grade- In this fun class, students will be using computers to 3D design Airplanes. We will talk about all of the important components that help airplanes stay in flight. We will also talk about the three principles of flight. Once students have successfully engineered their airplanes, they will be able to test fly their planes on their computers.



November 16th – Engineering II


PreK4-1st Grade- This class will focus on the engineering of structures. Students will explore how to make buildings taller, stronger, and less likely to topple. Projects will use kid friendly building materials and hands on activities to reinforce lesson concepts.


2nd-4th Grade- Bernoulli’s Principle! Students will learn about airflow and air pressure around an object. How do planes move? Students will discover the principles of flight and experiment with planes. The will also make their very own paper airplane.


5th- 7th Grade- Make a marble coaster! In this class, we will discuss how engineers use varying angles to create monster roller coasters and work together to create a crazy coaster made of everyday materials to test out!


8th-12th Grade- In this activity we will talk about motion. Students will be working in groups to build functioning marble roller coasters. We will also discuss motion in the forms of acceleration, velocity, and speed.