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Homeschool Programs

Homeschool programs are back! The Gulf Coast Exploreum has exciting homeschool classes available for families looking to supplement their science curriculum. Explore physics, biology, engineering and more! Our classes are tailored for a variety of ages and provide educational programming, hands-on experiments, and time to socialize with other young scientists. Best of all, there are no explosions in your home! Join us for hands-on, age-appropriate science lessons to foster curiosity and discovery in support of what your kids are learning at home. (Parent or guardian admission is included in student admission price)

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February 3rd — Health Science I

PreK4-1st Grade- Learn about safety and good decisions with a special visit from McGruff the Crime Dog. Students will learn how to keep safe by knowing what to do when they are out in public.

2nd-4th Grade– Medicine Safety and “McGruff” the Crime Dog! Students will learn about Medicine safety and the importance of knowing what medicine looks like and how it is packaged. They will also explore public safety and experience McGruff the Crime Dog. Students will take away an important message through an interactive experience!

5th– 7th Grade– Drugs can be one of the most dangerous facets of our society and in this class students will have the opportunity to go through the Drug Bus to get a better understanding of how drugs effect our bodies.

8th-12th Grade– In this interactive class, we will be researching how different types of medications interact with the human body. We will also be researching how well different types of solvents dissolve different medicines. After our research, we will jump on the drug bus and learn even more about how drugs affect the human body!


February 17th — Health Science II

PreK4-1st Grade- Learn about proper care of your teeth and the science behind how different foods affect your pearly whites. Projects will demonstrate how liquids can stain and weaken enamel, and how we can clean and keep our smile shiny.

2nd-4th Grade- Immune system and Diseases! Students will learn about our body’s Immune System, how it works, and what it’s made up of. They will discover Viruses and Bacteria and how they are transmitted through a class game. Students will also explore how our body fights the flu with an experiment.

5th– 7th Grade- Examine germs, viruses, and bacteria! Learn how these troublesome germs, bacteria and viruses travel and make us sick!

8th-12th Grade– It is common knowledge that exercise is beneficial to the human body in many areas, but did you know that it can affect your body’s Biochemistry? Getting the right amount of exercise can drastically help your body’s blood-glucose level! Come hangout with us, as we get sweet on bio-science.



March 3rd – Geology I

PreK4-1st Grade– Learn about the different kinds of rocks that make up the world around us. Students will have the opportunity to handle real rock specimens and observe the differences between them.

2nd-4th Grade- Earth Composition, Rocks, and Minerals! Students will learn about the Crust of the Earth all the way to the Innercore of the Earth and why they are important. They will uncover the difference between rocks and minerals and learn about their characteristics and properties. Students will also discover and examine different types of rocks!

5th– 7th Grade- What makes up a rock? Students will describe and examine a series of different rocks and learn the different ways to identify them.

8th-12th Grade– There are many different types of rock that makeup the world around us. All of these different types of rock have different factors that come into play in their developmental processes. In this lab we will be making our very own sedimentary rock formations and researching sediment deposition, lithification, and cementation.



March 17th – Geology II

PreK4-1st Grade– Learn about the different layers that make up the earth. Projects will teach students about the Earth’s inner and outer cores, Mantle, and Crust. The class will also make their very own volcanos.

2nd-4th Grade- Tectonic Plates, Fossils, and Erosion! Students will learn about “land in motion” and major and minor plates around the world. They will explore how water and humans cause erosion and how fossils are formed. Students will also uncover different types of fossils and even make their very own fossil.

5th– 7th Grade- Discover just how canyons form! Learn about the wonders of weathering and erosion on geological features during this week’s lesson. Students will build up their own structures just to see how chemical and mechanical weathering can change them!

8th-12th Grade- In this class, we will be researching the seismic activities of earthquakes, and how scientists scale them. We will take a closer look at the Gutenberg-Richter scale, all while studying much of the seismic terminology, such as: Active Fault, Blind Fault, and Epicenter. After researching how earthquakes work, we will try to build our very own earthquake proof structures.



March 31st – Oceanography I

PreK4-1st Grade- Learn about the oceans of the world and what makes them so special. Students will explore the different Biomes of the ocean through various classroom activities.

2nd-4th Grade- Marine and Coral Reef Biomes! Students will learn about the different types of marine biomes and the plants and animals that occupy them. They will discover coral reef biomes and their locations. Students will also explore what they eat and what plants and animals live there. They will leave with crafted 2-D biomes!

5th– 7th Grade– Come and explore the darkest parts of the ocean! During this session, students will learn about the different ocean zones and what kinds of organisms live there by making density columns!

8th-12th Grade- When you think of the ocean, you probably think of a large body of water. Your mind may wonder to the many different types of fish and marine wildlife. However, the ocean floor is probably not something that comes to mind. You also may not know that the different types of layers in the ocean help determine what wildlife lives there. In this class we will tie in what we have been learning about Geology, and apply it to the many different layers that make up the ocean’s floor.



April 14th – Oceanography II

PreK4-1st Grade- Learn about how water moves around the ocean. Students will explore how the moon affects tide and about ocean currents.

2nd-4th Grade- Ocean Waves, Currents, and Tides! Students will learn about what causes water movement and how it affects the climate. They will uncover the different tide cycles and how the Moon affects the tides. Students will also explore tsunamis and make a wave in a bottle.

5th– 7th Grade- During this lesson, students will examine the effects of rising acidity levels in the ocean and its’ ecosystems. By examining the effects of acids on sea shells, students will be able to note just how damaging acidic oceans can be.

8th-12th Grade- Living on the Gulf Coast can give you a certain “respect” towards hurricanes, but we don’t often consider how hurricanes affect the ocean, or it’s beautiful wildlife. How do pressure systems work, and how do they affect the strength of a hurricane? Join us in this exciting class as we go deeper into the research of abiotic factors, of the many different types of wildlife, of our blue-wavy friend.



April 28th – Physics I

PreK4-1st Grade- Learn all about the way things move. Motion has many factors that affect an object which we will explore with hands on projects and demos.

2nd-4th Grade- Electricity and Circuits! Students will learn about what electricity is and how it works and moves. They will discover circuits and passive and active components. Students will also explore electrical currents and the flow of electrons while they build circuits using “Little Bits Kits”.

5th– 7th Grade- Students will spend this class period learning about inertia and centrifugal force by testing and measuring different experiments to see just what stays in motion!

8th-12th Grade- In this class we will be taking an even closer look into pressure, and how it works. We will develop a better understanding of force, and density by researching the different types of pressure. Once we have a solid foundation, we will conduct our own gas pressure experiment that is sure to “pull” you in!



All classes are approximately 60 minutes in length and will begin at 2pm. Please call our Education Department at 251.208.6818 for more information.