Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL

Outreach Programs

Outreach: Exploreum Science Squad


The Gulf Coast Exploreum’s Science Squad is an energetic team of science educators who can’t wait to bring exciting, hands-on, curriculum-based demonstrations to school assemblies and individual classrooms! This talented team of science techs will educate and entertain your students, grades K-8.


Work Out with Simple Machines – Available for Grades 7-9
This Exploration Workshop’s lesson is a hands-on activity that joins formal classroom ACOS curriculum with regional workforce development needs, while increasing student awareness of skills needed in today’s industry. Students learn the importance of teamwork & real-world application by engaging themselves in physical science(s) through the use of GEARS rapid prototyping kits.



BASF Kids Lab – Available for Grades K-8
The Exploreum has teamed up with BASF, the Chemical Company, to give students a firsthand, safe look at chemistry all around us. Your kids will become junior chemists as they adorn their apron and safety goggles to get hands-on with any of these three activities:

  • Chromatography – students will learn how to separate and identify the individual components contained within a compound substance.
  • Activated Charcoal – students will learn how different methods of filtration are used to remove various impurities from wastewater.
  • Red Cabbage pH Indicator – Students will learn how color from some foods and flowers can be extracted and used as a pH indicator.


Lucy the Fin Whale – Available for Grades K-6
Step inside Lucy, the world’s largest mammal and learn all about her and her internal anatomy. Lucy is the newest member of our outreach program. She is a life-size model of a finback whale and is presently on the endangered species list on the Gulf Coast region. Invite Lucy to your school and allow your students to develop a greater appreciation of this enormous creature during an up-close and personal experience.


More Outreach Info
Each activity lasts approximately 50 minutes and has a capacity of up to 30 students. The cost is $150 for the first activity and $125 for each additional. We travel with a one-hour radius of the Exploreum and charge 50 cents per mile fee. A 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. Please make your reservation 30 days in advance.


Fairs & Festivals
The science Squad can enrich any school festival with slimy, slippery, and surprising educational demonstrations! These activities are designed to educate and entertain learners of all ages. If you have questions, please call us at 251-208-6818