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Explore Tec

Explore TEC, What’s all the talk about?
In keeping with one of the Exploreum’s main mission points, improving workforce development, we unveil our state of the art Explore Tec Lab. With seating for 30 and continuous programming, Explore Tec will reach hundreds of children every year and help shape their future in engineering and technology. With a multitude of unsurpassed programming and learning opportunities that benefit schools, industry and the general public, Explore Tec is a one of a kind institution on the Central Gulf Coast.

Everyone can benefit from Explore TEC!
Explore TEC offers workshops/instruction opportunities on an individual or package basis for three target audiences: Education, Industry, and the General Public. Pricing varies based on the level of engagement with the exhibit offerings.

Exploreum of Mobile

Explore TEC Includes:

  • 24 Laptops
  • 16 GEARS kits
  • Solid Works 2010
  • 3D U-Print® System, including printer and washer

What are GEARS kits?
The GEARS Invention and Design System™ allows students to solve real-world engineering and robotics challenges that involve everything from trebuchets to autonomous robots. Students share in the creative excitement of inventing their own engineering games and designing the modules, mechanisms and machines to play them. GEARS kits allow students to learn:

  • to apply basic math and physics concepts to the solution of a challenging problem
  • the process of engineering and designing modules, mechanisms and machines
  • to work as a member of an engineering team and participate in the project lifecycle
  • to use 3D solid models to communicate ideas and create and analyze design iterations
  • the fundamentals of mechanics, electronics and pneumatics

What is the 3D U-Print System?
3D printing offers a fast, low-cost alternative to traditional rapid prototyping for building concept and working models. What a powerful way to convey your ideas! 3D models help determine form, fit and function – including everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes. When it’s time to test your concepts, uPrint produces 3D models in durable ABS plus that stand up to functional testing under real-world conditions.
What is SolidWorks 2010?
The CAD Academy® Software Suite has a number of programs that are used currently in industry. The Exploreum offers classroom programming for SolidWorks 2010 which enables your students to design and create digital prototypes in the classroom. Extensive resources are included for learning and teaching across a broad range of engineering, design and physical science subjects using the industry standard software for 2D and 3D mechanical design. SolidWorks is used by more than 85% of the world’s top ranked engineering institutions worldwide.

Education – For Educators, by Educators

The Exploreum offers 90-minute workshops led by our education staff for middle school and high school students. Teachers are encouraged to participate in scheduled trainings to learn more about the programs prior to their visit. Student workshops are offered in the courses listed below and may be tailored to your students’ level of expertise. Seating is limited to 24 participants for an Explore TEC workshop. Please click here for pricing and call 251.208.6849 to book your Explore TEC lesson.

Principles of Flight, presented by Airbus
Just like budding scientists from days long before the Wright brothers, students will use science, everyday objects, and their hands to create their own glider!


SolidWorks 3D Imaging
Middle and high school students will design a 3D model by reverse engineering a product to understand how mechanical parts are created with SolidWorks 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software in the Exploreum’s state-of-the-art ExploreTEC lab.


3,2,1… Launch! GEAR Up with Pneumatics
This popular program is ExploreTEC’s flagship field lesson! Middle and high school students will learn about pneumatics and physics before working in teams to take on the engineering design challenge of constructing catapults.


Work Out with Simple Machines (for 8th graders only)
This program will excite students about physics in a hands-on way as they compete to build the most successful simple machine to solve a problem. 8th graders will be challenged to view the world around them in a new and exciting way! (This program is a terrific compliment to the SAWDC Worlds of Opportunity Event.)


Programs are offered to companies interested in utilizing Explore TEC
Companies may rent out the Explore TEC space and use our computers and programs to provide instruction to their employees. Please call 251.208.6849 for more information.
Your organization can benefit from the Exploreum’s 3D printer! If your staff has created a design in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, the file can be sent to the Exploreum’s 3D printer for printing, washing and pick-up. Please call 251.208. 6849 for more information.

General Public

How can I learn more about Explore TEC?
Our Explore TEC laboratory is open to the public during Exploreum business hours. Guests are welcome to enter Explore TEC and delve into the world of engineering with children of all ages! Ongoing programming is available on the weekends only. Timing and specific demonstrations vary, so call 251.208.6849 to inquire about our current offerings.
Ongoing weekend programming:

  • Engineering Flight Challenge, proudly presented by Airbus. Call 251.208.6849 for scheduled times.


Field Lessons:

  • $10/student OR $5/student when booked as an add-on to a field trip.

3D Printing:

  • $10 up to ½ in3
  • $15 up to 1 in3
  • $25 up to 2 in3

**Due to processing time requirements, anything above ½ in3 will have to be mailed at a surcharge (S&H) of $2. Items larger than 2 in3 must contact the Education Department at 251.208.6849 to discuss quotes for pricing.
Lab Rentals and Special Classes
Contact the Education Department at 251.208.6849 to discuss quotes for pricing.