Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL

Explore Tec for Industry

What programs are offered to companies to utilizing Explore TEC?
Companies may rent out the Explore TEC space and use the computers and programs to provide instruction to their employees. Please call 251.208.6816 for more information.


How would utilizing Explore TEC’s programs benefit me?
Explore TEC is the result of a $500,000 grant awarded from NASA. The software programs and the 3D printer are extremely costly. In cases where companies do not have the programs or access to a 3D printer on site, they may rent out the Exploreum’s lab for instructional use to train their employees on these highly specialized programs.


How can our staff access the 3D printer?
If your staff has created a design in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, the file can be sent to the Exploreum’s 3D printer for printing, washing and pick-up. Please call 251.208.6816 to place your order.