Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL

Explore Tec for the General Public

How can I learn more about Explore TEC?
Explore TEC is a state-of-the art exhibit that allows students, industry and the general public to learn more about technology and engineering. Workshops and experience packages are offered to individuals who have a desire for continuing education.


Do you offer workshops for the general public? How do I sign up?
Workshops that are offered to the general public on select dates. Workshops* are offered in the subjects listed below. An individual must complete an introductory course before moving on to more advances courses.

  • Robotics 101, 201 or 301
  • 3D design 101, 201 or 301
  • Architecture 101, 201 or 301
  • Rapid prototyping using GEARS and a 3D printer
  • Green building 101, 201 or 301
  • Game design 101, 201 or 301
  • Civil engineering 101, 201 or 301
  • Programming 101, 201 or 301
  • Open lab hours

Seating is limited for an Explore TEC workshop. Please call 251.208.6816 to book your Explore TEC workshop.

*Workshops will be rolled out as the program develops. Some of the above programs may not be available immediately.


How can I access the 3D printer?
If you have created a design in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, the file can be sent to the Exploreum’s 3D printer for printing, washing and pick-up. Please call 251.208.6816 to place your order.