Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL

Upcoming Exhibits


Water’s Extreme Journey takes visitors on an exciting and important quest for clean water. Opens June 11, 2018.

Experience the watershed as a water drop, exploring the science behind the water cycle. But it’s not all wet and wild – through powerful interactives and local messaging, learn how daily decisions can immediately improve the watershed in their own backyard.

Water’s Extreme Journey transforms YOU into a drop of water entering a watershed – an area of land where water drains and collects into a shared reservoir. As visitors will discover, a watershed can be right in their own neighborhood, or as big as the Rocky Mountain region!

To explore the exhibition watershed, voyage through rivers, lakes, wetlands, and even their homes, eventually reaching the healthy ocean. Sound easy? Water drops face many hurdles as they interact with humans. Does the farm they encounter use pesticides? Did someone get messy changing their oil? Clean choices keep our drops healthy and moving toward a clean ocean. Dirty choices send our drops down the urban storm drain to the unhealthy ocean, where they evaporate, condensate, and precipitation for another try.