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KANGAROO KRAZE, presented by Austal

Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 through Monday, Jan 02, 2012


About the Exhibit
This fall, the Exploreum is hosting a “hopping” new exhibit that will introduce life from “Down Under” to Mobile Bay. With your very own passport to Australia, embark on an adventure featuring live kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies, baby joeys and more, learn Outback survival skills, see and hear ancient Aboriginal music and art, and get hands-on by making your own boomerang!

The exhibit and Exploreum educational programming teaches audiences about the native species and science of Australia, with an emphasis on the remarkable cultural, innovative and biodiversity found there. The Kangaroo Kraze exhibit will be housed in the Exploreum’s tented courtyard. Trainers (aka Roo Wranglers) Carolyn Lantz and Heather Shosho will be on site to inform the general public and school groups about the behaviors of the native species and life in Australia. The Roo Wranglers will also showcase different “animal ambassadors” throughout the day so Exploreum visitors can pet and truly see how unique the animals are. Guests will also have an opportunity to take pictures with some of the baby animals in the courtyard. Perfect for children and children-at-heart, this exhibit is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime!

Australia: Land Beyond Time IMAX Film
The J.L. Bedsole IMAX Dome Theater will feature the movie Australia: Land Beyond Time from Oct. 1st to January 2nd. It's more like an­oth­er plan­et than an­oth­er coun­try. Kangaroos bound majestically across the plains, thorny devils scamper comically through the spinifex and koala families take siestas, lounging together atop their eucalyptus perches. Exotic rainforests and cascading waterfalls also are counted among our continent's hidden treasures. With its endless coastline and vast expanses of red, sandy desert, the Australian continent, seemingly unaffected by time, harbors unique inhabitants and dramatic scenery.

It brings to the giant screen animals that hop instead of run, creatures that have fur, yet lay eggs, ants that plant seeds, plants that were the food of dinosaurs and water birds that fly inland to breed only every few years when sporadic rains come. Tracing the four-billion-year journey of the southern continent, Australia: Land Beyond Time explores the lavish richness, diversity and uniqueness of Australia's life, life that survived and evolved during the most challenging of voyages.

Through the most ingenious strategies, the film shows how life has managed to flourish on impoverished soils, where flood and drought go hand-in-hand. In breathtaking large-format imagery, it surveys some of the most surreal and fascinating landscapes on Earth ­ from ancient, eroded sea beds and vibrant, red sand dunes that merge with far horizons to the jeweled sea of its immense coral reef. Australia is a remarkable journey through time.

Featured Animals

• Western Grey kangaroos
• Eastern grey kangaroos
• Albino eastern grey kangaroo
• Red kangaroo
• Bennett wallaby
• Swamp wallaby
• Wallaroo
• Bearded dragons
• Blue tongue skink
• Frilled dragon
• Marbled gecko
• Australian whites tree frog
• Suger gliders
• Rainbow lorikeets
• Kookaburras
• New Guinea singing dog (dingo)
• Alligator

Birthday Parties
Outback Adventure birthday parties will be available Oct. 21st - Dec. 18th with a special Australia theme and a visit from a kangaroo! Parents who are interested in booking these parties for their children should call 251.208.6818 as soon as possible as they will book quickly!

Field Trips
Teachers should call 251.208.6880 to book their field trips to the Exploreum, which has been voted the area’s #1 family attraction for nine straight years.

Exhibit Pricing
Admission prices for Kangaroo Kraze and permanent exhibits are $13.00 for adults, $11.50 for youth and seniors and $11.00 for children. Combo tickets, which include a viewing of the IMAX film, are $17.00 for adults, $16.00 for youth and seniors and $14.50 for children. Exploreum members can take full advantage of Kangaroo Kraze at a significantly discounted rate. Members pay only $1.50 to see the exhibit. Discounted rates are available for large groups and schools. Groups should call 251.208.6880 to book trips for this exhibit.

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