Welcome to the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center


The Exploreum’s original exhibit gallery has a new look and more than 50 interactive exhibits.

Push, pull and tinker with exhibits dedicated to unraveling the basics of electricity, simple mechanics, magnetism and much more!

In Hands On Hall,

  • Discover your inner virtuoso while strumming the laser harp
  • Catch your shadow in the light and optics gallery
  • See what your chances of winning the lottery really are!
  • "Scratch" your own track with lasers at the digital DJ exhibit.
  • Take on a tug-of-war team twice your size -- and win -- with the help of a fulcrum's mechanical advantage.
  • With 120 possibilities, try to crack the safe.
  • Learn about pulley power and race your friends to the top.
  • Launch a tennis ball with air pressure that you create.

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