Summer Camps at the Exploreum start June 3, 2013
Thursday, Aug 29, 2013

To register please call Jacqlyn Kirkland at 251.208.6818.

Downloadable forms are available:

Summer camp information forms

Summer camp registration forms

Kids Pre-K4 through 7th grade can enjoy our amazing, science-based Summer Camps! From the arts and sports to forensics and engineering, there is something for everyone!

All camps are from 8:30am to 3:30pm and include two snacks each day. We do not provide lunch. Campers may bring their own lunch or they may purchase lunch at the Exploreum Café. Please contact Jacqlyn Kirkland if your child has any food allergies or if you have any other questions or concerns.

Jacqlyn Kirkland
Outreach Education Specialist
Gulf Coast Exploreum
251.208.6818 (office)
251.208.6889 (fax)

To register for the Exploreum’s Summer Camp programs, please review the descriptions on the following pages and choose your camp(s) accordingly. Select the appropriate grade level for each camp based on what grade your child will be entering in Fall 2013. For example, if your child just completed 1st grade and is entering 2nd grade in the Fall, you would select the 2nd- 4th grade camp instead of PreK4 - 1st. Campers must be at least 4 years old and potty trained. Full payment must accompany this registration form.

Camp class size is restricted, so register soon!

Camp Pricing:
Members $130 first child, $120 for each additional sibling per camp
Non-Members $165 first child, $155 for each additional sibling per camp

All Campers are required to purchase one camp shirt. The pre-order price is $10 per shirt. Additional shirts can be pre-ordered for the same price. Shirts not purchased through pre-order will cost $14 -$17 depending on size.

Please select the camp(s) you would like to register for. All camps are M-F from 8:30am-3:30pm.


PK4-1st Grade Camps
Amazing Banana Caper
Imagination Station
Can You Dig It?
Let’s Fly a Kite
Busy Builders
Tag! Your It!
Ocean Voyagers
Little Lab
Nature Kids
Chicken Noodle Science

2nd-4th Grade Camps
Jr. Sleuths
Painter’s Palette
Adventures in Archaeology
Up, Up, and Away
Science of Games
Deep Sea Divers
Chemistry Creations
Global Explorers
Science Stew

5th-7th Grade Camps
CSI Mobile
Did you Ear About Van Gogh
Unearthing History
Principles of Flight
Engineering Challenge
All Star Sports
Oceans Alive!
Irresponsible Science
EarthSavers Club
Science Gumbo

Camp Details:

Week 1: June 3-7

Amazing Banana Caper: PreK4-1st
Uh Oh! All the bananas are missing! Join us as we work
together with Detective Small to solve the mystery. We will learn how to analyze finger-prints, hair, and more while we search for the missing bananas! *Register by May 24th.

Jr. Sleuths: 2nd-4th Gr.
Go undercover for a week of forensic science and experience the life of an investigator. This code cracking week of intelligence investigations is guaran-teed to make your camper the envy of all their friends! *Register by May 24th.

CSI Mobile: 5th-7th Gr.
Does your child dream of solving mys-teries and crimes? Then our forensics science camp is the place to be! Campers will learn the science of fin-gerprinting, hair analysis, and more as we explore this intriguing topic. *Register by May 24th.

Week 2: June 10-14

Imagination Station: PreK4-1st
Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Give your camper the chance to delve into the world of the arts at our fun-filled camp! The science be-hind performance, painting, music and other topics will be explored. *Register by May 31th.

Painter’s Palette: 2nd-4th Gr.
Come be inspired! Experience art in a fun, hands-on way! Regardless if they’ve had any prior experience, campers will have the opportunity to explore the science behind various art forms. *Register by May 31th.

Did you Ear about Van Gogh?: 5th-7th Gr.
What is the science behind artists’ techniques? Come and explore various artists and try your hand at recreating historical artworks as well as partici-pating in other art forms such as music and theatre. *Register by May 31th.

Week 3: June 17-21

Can You Dig It?: PreK4-1st
Come get your hands dirty with pro-fessional archaeologists from the Uni-versity of South Alabama! Handle real artifacts from historical cultures and learn archaeological techniques.
*Register by June 7th.

Adventures in Archaeology: 2nd-4th
Are you interested in discovery? This camp will provide a wide variety of engaging, hands-on activities and games, including artifact repair, un-covering clues from the past, a field trip and more. *Register by June 7th.

Unearthing History: 5th-7th Gr.
Does your child dream of a career in archaeology? In addition to a field trip campers will handle real artifacts and explore traditions from the past through material culture! *Register by June 7th.

Week 4: June 24-28

Let’s Fly a Kite: PreK4-1st
Ever wonder what materials build the best kite? Come test out your ideas at the Exploreum. Campers will be ex-posed to technology, engineering, and math as they learn about flight.
*Register by June 14th.

Up, Up, and Away: 2nd-4th Gr.
How did people explore the skies in the past? From the Wright brothers to modern aircraft, campers will learn the science and challenge of conquer-ing the skies. *Register by June 14th.

Principles of Flight: 5th-7th Gr.
If your camper has ever wondered about flying or aircrafts,
we have ad-ventures in-store for them! We will explore the scientific principles of flight and uncover the engineering secrets of modern aircrafts. *Register by June 14th.

Week 5: July 8-12

Busy Builders: PreK4-1st
Calling all future engineers! Come build exciting models and learn about science along the way by participating in hands-on activities. Everyday pre-sents a new challenge to solve and conquer with new friends! *Register by June 28th.

Tinkertown: 2nd-4th Gr.
If your camper enjoys designing and building their own
creations, then this is the camp for them! Campers will work side by side as they build and explore the fundamentals of simple machines. *Register by June 28th.

Engineering Challenge: 5th-7th Gr.
Every day presents a new challenge! Campers will enhance their teamwork and tinkering skills. Each child will have the opportunity to contribute a particular skill set while creating a masterpiece to test with their peers. *Register by June 28th.

Week 6: July 15-19

Tag! Your It!: PreK4-1st
Do you like to play games! Come play with us as we learn the science behind different sports and explore games from other parts of the world. *Register by July 5th.

Science of Games: 2nd-4th Gr.
Ever wonder how a baseball curves or a Frisbee hovers? Join us as we ex-plore a variety of sports and recrea-tional activities and discover the sci-ence behind each. *Register by July 5th.

All Star Sports: 5th-7th Gr.
Calling all aspiring athletes! Our sports camp provides all kids with the perfect opportunity to show off their competitive skills as well as a closer look at what goes into making a great athlete. *Register by July 5th.

Week 7: July 22-26

Ocean Voyagers: PreK4-1st
Come on in, the water’s great! Did you ever wonder what dwells under the waves? Join us at the Exploreum as we investigate sea life and their ecosys-tems through creative and hands-on activities. *Register by July 12th.

Deep Sea Divers: 2nd-4th Gr.
There she Blows! Take a journey with us as we focus on marine life and the oceans in this fun, fact-filled camp. Campers will explore the ecology and human dimensions of ocean science. *Register by July 12th.

Oceans Alive!: 5th-7th Gr.
Ever wondered what lives under our oceans? This camp will give kids the opportunity to explore marine organ-isms and ecosystems through hands-on activities such as dissections and creative projects. *Register by July 12th.

Week 8: July 29-August 2

Little Lab: PreK4-1st
Do you enjoy exciting experiments? Through scientific activities your camper will be able to connect real-world situations with science. Throughout the week we will playfully experiment with everyday objects. *Register by July 19th.

Chemistry Creations: 2nd-4th Gr.
Boom! Yum! Wow! Come delve into chemical concepts using fun and en-tertaining experiments. Your camper will use all five senses as they explore the wacky world of chemistry. *Register by July 19th.

Irresponsible Science: 5th-7th Gr.
Have you ever wondered what you can do with that old coffee can? In the spirit of playful scientific inquiry, this camp will explore funny, eye-opening, and often quirky chemical experiments. *Register by July 19th

Week 9: August 5-9

Nature Kids: PreK4-1st
Come join us as we explore our amaz-ing planet! Weather, volcanoes, natu-ral wonders, and other fascinating phenomena will be examined. *Register by July 26th.

Global Explorers: 2nd-4th Gr.
Become a responsible global citizen. Join us on a journey as we explore the environmental circumstances of some of the most beautiful places on Earth. *Register by July 26th.

EarthSavers Club: 5th-7th Gr.
This week, campers will explore the world around them through hands-on, outdoor, experimental learning. We hope to inspire our campers to be-come environmentally conscientious citizens of tomorrow! *Register by July 26th.

Week 10: August 12-16

Chicken Noodle Science: PreK4-1st
From A to Z, join us as we travel back through the best activities of 2013 summer camp! Science that’s mmm mmm good! *Register by August 2nd.

Science Stew: 2nd-4th Gr.
Are you hungry for more? Join us as we revisit the best moments of our 2013 Summer Camps – a hardy por-tion of science that will satisfy any appetite. *Register by August 2nd.

Science Gumbo: 5th-7th Gr.
Mix’em up and cook’em in a pot! You can’t go wrong with this unique com-bination of science. Campers will reex-amine the most exciting moments of this year’s camps. Lets stir it up! *Register by August 2nd.

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