Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center of Mobile,AL



Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Exploreum Science Center designed for all ages?

The Exploreum is designed for all ages. It has areas that appeal to many age groups such as Hands On Hall or Minds On Hall. It also has areas for specific age groups, like the Wharf of Wonder which was designed specifically for children 0-5 years old. The Exploreum also chooses traveling exhibits to appeal to various and different age groups.


Is the Exploreum Science Center a government museum?

The Exploreum Science Center is not federal, state or city museum. It is a non-profit organization that was dreamed up by the citizens of Mobile, Alabama to increase the quality of life for the people of the Gulf Coast. The Exploreum was created to provide more educational opportunities in the areas of science and technology for the future leaders of America – our children. The Exploreum is funded by ticket sales, gift shop sales, memberships and donations from community members.


How do I get to the Exploreum Science Center?

We are located in downtown Mobile, Alabama at 65 Government Street. For detailed or customized directions, click here to go to view directions to the Exploreum.


Why don’t you show full-length feature films in your IMAX Theater?

There are several reasons the Exploreum does not currently show full-length feature films. The projection system would need an upgrade that would cost about $50,000 to show films of more than 60 minutes. One feature length film could be shown every two hours – currently two films are shown in this time period, so revenue would decrease. When films are released in IMAX, producers make a limited number of prints and the Exploreum has to compete for those prints against much larger metropolitan areas. Distributors have not delivered films on time to many other museums, choosing to send them to large commercial theaters.