Summer Session 2023: Summer Session 2023: Registration for the Summer Session will open March 6th. More information about registration will be available soon.

-The Summer Session 2023 will take place for 8 weeks during the summer- the four weeks before the 4th of July week and the four weeks afterwards. More information about each weekly session and scheduled classes will be available soon.

-There will be four different classes available for registration per weekly session: 4-5 class, 6-7 class, 8-10 class, and an 11-13 class.

-Tuition for the Summer Session will be a weekly rate of $190 for Non-Members and $155 for Members.

– Lunches will be available for purchase for the week at $40. If lunches are not purchased at the time of registration, lunches can be purchased for $10 a day. For more information about the menu, please see the menu linked on our website.