The Exploreum Science Center is thrilled to announce the return of the newly improved exhibit, Fear: Facts, Phobias, Myths, and More! A newer incarnation of an old favorite, the exhibit will further explore fears, phobias, myths, urban legends, and beyond. It is designed to be interactive, educational, and informative, providing guests with a fun, albeit a bit creepy, and memorable experience.

Fear will feature a variety of new and expanded immersive elements, including unusual photo opps, realistic props, educational panels, and more. While the exhibit is full of creepy elements, its primary goal is to educate and inform guests about why we are afraid of certain things. The exhibit will provide a safe and fun space for visitors to face their fears and learn about the science behind them. From creepy crawling critters to clowns, cryptids, and the everyday fears such as simply visiting the dentist, Fear covers the gamut of all things that make our skin crawl.

Guests will have the opportunity to explore different fears and phobias, such as arachnophobia, claustrophobia, and more. They will also learn about the origins of these fears and how they have evolved over time. The exhibit will delve into the science behind fear, exploring the psychological and physiological responses that occur when we are afraid.

The exhibit will also feature a variety of myths, urban legends, and lore related to fears and phobias. Visitors will be able to separate fact from fiction and learn the truth behind some of these spooky tales.

The Fear Exhibit will open early June and is included in general admission and free for Exploreum members. While jump scares and gore are not part of the exhibit, we do suggest a parental advisory for younger children or anyone with sensory or various health conditions. Don’t miss out on this thrilling and informative exhibit – come face your fears at the Exploreum Science Center!