My BodyWorks, presented by Infirmary Health System, is a gallery that incorporates the latest computing and digital imaging technologies to educate students in a wide range of health and biology topics.

My BodyWorks helps every student learn:

  • How his or her body systems function
  • How personal decisions about diet and exercise influence health
  • About the many career opportunities in the health-science field

My Beating Heart

An illuminated “beating” heart model, 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, with streams of “blood” flowing through major arteries and veins will illustrate how the cardiac muscle works.
Two or three times per hour, the wail of sirens and flash of lights will signal that a heart attack has occurred and emergency medical attention is required.

From Head to Toe

Using a movable viewing screen, or “I-Wall,” students will scan realistic, full-color, life-sized images of five human systems: Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory/Circulatory, Nervous, Digestive. Students can also access over 25 education animations that delve deeper into each topic.

The Ernest G. DeBakey Virtual Operating Room

Students become surgeons and perform simulated surgical procedures such as:

  • Heart by-pass
  • Knee replacement
  • Sealing blood vessels within the eye


Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, the gallery houses 12 BeHealthy exhibits that allow students to measure their health and fitness and assess their daily diet choices. Activities include recording blood pressure, testing strength and measuring total calories consumed daily.

On leaving the gallery, students can print out their personalized BeHealthy profile to take home for later review.

Bio Lab

This fully functioning health and biology laboratory will offer role-playing opportunities for students, using real tools and protocols of medicine and biological sciences.

Table top experiments will allow students to learn and hone their laboratory skills.

  • January/February-Body Systems
  • March/April-Health and Nutrition
  • May/June-Physical Fitness

Students will also enjoy exciting 5-10 minute demonstrations that cover a variety of life science and biological topics.

  • Grades K-2-Food Rainbow and Popcorn!
  • Grades 3-5-Skeletal Yoga and Giant Limbs
  • Grades 6-12-Senses Challenge and Torso Tango